New website of the Malaysian Dutch Decendants Project

The Malaysian Dutch Descendants Project (MDDP) website has been updated and moved to a new address.

he new website address is:

The Project's Objectives:

  1. To maintain a register of all Dutch Descendants in Malaysia.
  2. To bring all Malaysian Dutch Descendants together as a community, to reconnect with each other and the lost Dutch heritage.
  3. To help the Malaysian Dutch Descendants gain an identity that would be recognised locally and internationally as part of the unique Malaysian Eurasian community.
  4. To trace the community's history and to develop and attempt to rejuvenate the Malaysian Dutch Descendant's heritage and culture before it fades totally into oblivion.
  5. To work together with cultural organisations in The Netherlands and other such Dutch organisations around the world for the recognition and development of the Malaysian Dutch Descendants community.

The new website includes some interesting features, like a Forum which allows for interaction between visitors by posting questions/remarks and replies on related issues. This is a good place for participants and visitors to post questions and share information about their genealogy, history, culture and heritage.

Another feature is that the website can cater for news updates for the community. Therefore, the MDDP would be happy to include any news such as birth, wedding or bereavement announcements. Any other announcements such as gatherings, meetings, events, business opportunities, etc. could also be included. So, just e-mail your announcement and it will be updated to the website.

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