Improved accessibility of the Resolutions of the Cape of Good Hope

Extensive introductions to the Resolutions of the Council of Policy in English and Afrikaans have been added to the TANAP website.

The Resolutions of the Governor and Council of Cape of Good Hope are the backbone of the VOC archives in Cape Town and comprise the years 1651-1795.

The Resolutions were written in old-Dutch handwriting and have been transcriped and digitized. Since 2003, they are available on the TANAP website. You can search the Resolutions by date, place, ship, reference number or on every word of interest to you. A glossary (in Afrikaans) is available to explain ancient expressions.

In order to help researchers, extensive introductions in English and in Afrikaans have been added to the TANAP website. The introductions include a sketch of the history, government, people and places of Cape of Good Hope as well as an explanation of the contents of the resolutions. You can browse the introductions on your screen or download and print the document.

Maps have been added that provide an interesting impression of the names and places of all people living in South Africa in this period.

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