First four Ph.D. Theses under the TANAP programme issued

At an official ceremony in the Great Auditorium of the Academy Building of Leiden University on 15 December, attended by c. 150 guests, the first four Ph.D. theses of the TANAP Research Programme have been presented.

he presentation was organized by the Centre for Non-Western Studies (CNWS) of Leiden University, together with the Netherlands Institute for Scientific Research (NWO) and Koninklijke Brill NV, the publisher of the series of TANAP theses.

The first four titles are based on the VOC archives in The Hague. In the coming two years, books will also be completed on early modern Asia based on VOC archives in The Hague, Cape Town, Colombo, Madras and Jakarta. The series will eventually consist of 15 to 19 parts.

Three of the books have been written by PhD candidates from Japan and Singapore who will obtain their doctorates on 14th and 15th December 2005 based on these studies. The fourth title, by a South African author, is a dissertation dating from December 2003, which is now appearing for the first time in book form. Follow the links to read more information about the authors: 

Dr. Russel S. Viljoen
Jan Paerl, a Khoikhoi in Cape Colonial Society, 1761-1851.
ISBN 9004 150935 

Dr. Ryuto Shimada
The Intra-Asian Trade in Japanese Copper by the Dutch East India Company during the Eighteenth Century.
ISBN 9004 150927

Dr. Hui Kian Kwee
The Political Economy of Java’s North-East Coast, c. 1740-1800: Elite Synergy.
ISBN 9004 150900

Dr. Ota Atsushi
Changes of Regime and Social Dynamics in West Java: Society, State and the Outer World of Banten, 1750-1830.
ISBN 9004 150919

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