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Special websites have been created to commemorate the 400 years of bilateral relations between the Netherlands and Australia. Download Abel Tasman's Journal.

n March 1606 the Duyfken, a small ship owned by the Dutch East India Company (VOC), that had been sent out to explore the unknown waters south of New Guinea, chanced upon unknown territory. The continent captain Willem Jansz "discovered" was called "Zuidland" (Southland, later translated in Australia).

In 1642-1643, the VOC sent commander Abel Tasman with two ships on a voyage to explore this "South Land". Afterwards the territory were given the names of the two Dutch provinces where the VOC Chambers (offices) were seated: New Holland and New Zealand. His famous journal, kept by the National Archives in The Hague, has been transcribed in modern Dutch and will be issued in print on March 6th 2006. Tasman's Journal includes many pictures made during the voyage, e.g. the oldest drawings of the native inhabitants of New Zealand, the Maori.

Click here to download a copy of the Abel Tasma's Journal (© Nationaal Archief) in pdf format. Attention: only download when you have got internet via a highspeed connection like adsl or cable, for the file is 54,4 Mb big!



Visit the website of the National Archives of the Netherlands for information about the voyages, shipwrecks and souvenirs of Australian Dutch relations between 1606 and 1800. On this website you will find information about the different activities that will take place, as well as background information on the history of the relations between our two countries.

Click here for this website in Dutch.
Click here for information about Tasman's Journal
Click here for this website in English.

You will also be interested in the Abel Tasman Kabinet, a website with a lot of information about Abel Tasman.

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