Advanced Master's Programme
Please note, that the TANAP programme has been finished in 2007 and that you cannot apply for a scholarship anymore.

Research on .....
  LIU, Yong (China)
  The VOC's Chinese Tea Trade, 1757-1781
This study will be a contribution to the comprehensive analysis of the Dutch Company's trade with Far East. In addition, research on the his...

Research on India
  Ghulam Ahmad Nadri (India)
  Eightheenth Century Gujarat: The Dynamics of Its Political Economy 1750-1800
This research theme proposes a comprehensive study of the late 18th century Gujarat from two perspectives: the Dutch and the Indian.
  Dr. Binu M. John Parambil (India)
  The Ali Rajas of Cannanore: Status and Identity at the Interface of Commercial and Political Expansion (1663-1723)
This project aims to study the ongoing interaction between the Ali Rajas' commercial operations and their position as Muslim rulers of Canna...
  Dr Anjana Singh (India)
  Fort Cochin in Kerala 1750-1830
The main objective of this research is to enquire into the socio-cultural life of Cochin, on the south-west coast of India from mid-eighteen...

Research on Indonesia
  Ingrid Saroda Cosijn-Mitrasing (Netherlands)
  The Evolution of Kingship in Seventeenth Century Aceh Darussalam (1600-1645)
The research centre's around the different monarchs' relations with the outside world and by doing so assess their developing role and statu...
  Dr. KWEE, Hui-kian (Singapore)
  The Political Economy of Java's Northeast Coast, c. 1740-1800: Elite Synergy
The Ph.D. theses shows how the changing relationship between the power-groups was affected by the various socio-political and economic mecha...
  Sher Banu A. Latiff Khan (Singapore)
  Rule behind the Silk Curtain: A Study of Aceh under the Reign of the Queens, 1641-1699
A study about the nature and impact of the relations between Aceh and the European companies, in particular the VOC.
  Dr. Sri Margana (Indonesia)
  Java's Last Frontier; The Struggle for Hegemony of Blambangan, 1763-1813
This study examines how Java's Oosthoek came to be transformed from being a wilderness harbouring rebels, rough elements and dissenters to a...
  Dr. Atsushi Ota (Japan)
  Changes of Regime and Social Dynamics in West Java
The Ph.D. theses addresses the process of changes in the social structure of Banten from 1750 to 1830, especially focusing on local people's...
  Yusak Soleiman (Indonesia)
  The Propagation of Dutch Reformed Protestantism on Java in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century c. 1753-1835: A Study of Religion and Society in two colonial Towns (Batavia and Semarang) and its Perception by Early Nineteenth Century Missionaries
A study to the 'lost century' of Western Indonesian history of Protestantism, for the sake of Indonesian as well as and Dutch church history...
  Muridan S. Widjojo (Indonesia)
  The Revolt of Prince Nuku: Cross-cultural Alliance-making in Moluku, c. 1780-1810
In the late-eighteenth century, Eastern Indonesia faced one of its most severe political crises of the pre-modern era. At the centre of this...

Research on Iran
  R. Ali Kavani
  Transcription and annotation of 'Memories van Overgave' concerning Persia
Within the large corpus of Dutch documents concerning the presence of the VOC in Persia (1623-1766), the so-called Memories van overgave occ...

Research on Japan
  Dr. Ryuto Shimada (Japan)
  The Intra-asian Trade in Japanese Copper by the Dutch East India Company during the Eighteenth Century
The Ph.D. theses comprises a comparative analysis of Asian economies, by investigating the global trade of Japanese copper and its influence...

Research on South Africa
  Frederick J. Goedeman (South Africa)
  Khoisan and the Making of Colonial Society in Little Namaqualand, 1770-1840
The project aims to come to an understanding of communities in parts of Little Namaqualand which, for a considerable period of time, manifes...
  Dr. Russel S. Viljoen (South Africa)
  "Land of Our Forefathers", Jan Paerl: A Khoikhoi Prophet in Cape Colonial Society, 1761-1851
This first TANAP PH.D. thesis is a biography of a Khoikhoi individual named Jan Paerl and describes his attempts to liberate the Khoikhoi pe...

Research on Sri Lanka
  Nirmal R. Dewasiri (Sri Lanka)
  Changes in the Peasant Agriculture in Southern and Western Ceylon in the Mid-Eighteenth Century under the VOC Rule
The focus will be on the process of cinnamon procurement, which was the raison d'�tre of the VOC presence in Ceylon.
  Chris Nierstrasz (Netherlands)
  Country trade on the Coromandel Coast by an employee of the VOC (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie) with a high function: Lubbert Jan van Eck. An in dept research of his private correspondence written between 1754 and 1765
The research focuses on the private trading world of a VOC official with a high position in the company, which will attribute to a better un...
  Alicia Schrikker (Netherlands)
  A Colonial Administration in Transition: Policy, Theory and Practice of Dutch and British Colonial Rule in Maritime Ceylon, c. 1780-1815
In 1796 the British East India Company took over the government of the Dutch in Ceylon. What did this transition from Dutch to British gover...

Research on Taiwan
  CHA, Hsin (Taiwan)
  The Dutch Reformed Church on Formosa: Missionary and Civic Calvinism in a Colonial Context (1626-1662)
This research focuses on the missionary, educational and social-ecclesiastical activities of the Dutch Reformed Church on Formosa. It offers...
  CHENG, Wei-Chung
  Merchant Prince and King's Merchant: The Origin of overseas Chinese trans-national entrepreneurial network around East and South China Sea (1636-1683)
The objective of the research is to demonstrate how a Chinese transnational entrepreneurial network emerged during the second half of the 17...
  CHIU, Hsin-hui (Taiwan)
  Entangled Encounters: "The Formosans" and the Dutch Colonial Project, 1624-1662
This research project will focus on the agency of the Formosans during the Dutch colonization and will highlight the active role of the abor...

Research on Thailand
  Supaporn Ariyasajsiskul (Netherlands)
  Late Ayutthaya's Foreign Trade Policy: A Study in its Regional and International Context with an Emphasis on the Reign of King Borommakot, 1733-1758
Most Thai history books usually describe the reign of the Ban Phlu Luang dynasty as a decaying period of trade and economy which was the res...
  Bhawan Ruangsilp (Thailand)
  Perception and Practice: The VOC and the Court Culture of Ayutthaya in the Seventeenth and Eigtheenth Centuries
The objective of the research is to study the cultural-intellectual aspect of Europe-Asia encounters in early modern time by investigating E...

Research on Vietnam
  Dr Hoang Anh Tuan (Vietnam)
  The Dutch East India Company in Tonkin: Political and Commercial Relations, 1637-1700
The Tonkinese were looking for both new clientele and army ally. The Dutch then timely appeared.


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