Lay-out of the Ship's Pay Ledgers of the Six Chambers of the VOC 1700-1795


  1. Date of departure of ship.
  2. Dates of any payments by the VOC in the Republic.
  3. Date of arrival of ship.
  4. Column with folio,numbers which indicate administrative books which have been lost.
  5. Dates of entries of amounts credited.
  6. Date of death, of departure from Asia or of arrival in the Republic, or last place of employment (end of career unknown).
  1. Two months' wage cash in hand to the employee.
  2. The kit to be paid for by the employee himself, if necessary with money borrowed from the voc.
  3. Should the case arise, any other debts incurred by the employee (vaderlandse schuld).
  4. One or more amounts of payments by the voc in the Republic from wages credited to the employee made to family members or proxies, while the employee was in Asia.
  5. The final payment made by the voc in the Republic after the close of the career in Asia, after repatriation (to the employee) or after death (to the proxy).
  6. The payment, either wholly or partially credited by the voc, for the wage earned during the voyage to Batavia.
  7. Any debt from the left hand page.
  8. Amounts which were credited to the wage of the employee by the voc for a whole or partial financial year (1st September - 31st August), with mention of the place of employment.

Source: F. Lequin, Het personeel van de Verenigde Oost Indische Compagnie in Azië in de achttiende eeuw, meer in het bijzonder in de vestiging Bengalen (2 vols.; Leiden 1982) 340.

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